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Project Vision: The product will provide a complete, easy-to-use tool that will produce a recommended schedule for a student with little to no work. This will currently fulfill the needs that many, if not all, students at Cal Poly have today and it will provide a substantial business opportunity for the developers.

Days ahead of Schedule+n
Percent of Modules Integrated (Actual/Planned)0% / 0%
Percent of Resources Used (Actual/Planned)23% / 30%
Batting Averagex%

Visibility Calculations

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Project PlanningDeliverablesWhat's New
Detailed ScheduleSRSSiteSetup?
Project Plan?Quality Attributes?CustomTracReports?
Quality Assurance Plan?User Manual?Source Folder
Integration ScheduleUI Prototype
Module AssignmentsExtended Prototype?
 Module Dependency ChartSystem Test Plan
 Staged Delivery Plan
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Current Action ItemsHigh Level DesignModuleReviewers
Change Request Log* Class DiagramSystemTestMatrix
Design Baseline* Javadocs?ReleaseCriteria
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Process DefinitionsDeveloper ResourcesAbout Our Team
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RAZ is a fictional company, created for Dr. John Dalbey's Winer 2012  CPE 309 Software Engineering class at Cal Poly.

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