Welcome to Ontology Tutorial

This tutorial is intended for the students of the classes on Knowledge-Based Systems (CPE/CSC 481 and 581) at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. It is currently in its first version, written by Emily Schwarz and  Franz Kurfess. Others are welcome to use it for educational purposes, with appropriate acknowledgements. Feedback and suggestions for improvements are welcome. Unfortunately we don't have the resources to assist others with the development of their own ontologies, or with problems using Protege and Jena. Click on the headings below to go to the respective part of the tutorial.

Introduction to Ontologies with Protege

The first part of the tutorial introduces the main concepts of ontologies, and describes a popular ontology development tool,  Protégé. Using family relationships as an example, you'll learn about Classes, Object Properties, Data Properties, and Individuals.

Building an Ontology with Protege

In this part of the tutorial, you'll develop your own ontology, on a domain of your choice. An example is given, describing a Web store front where sellers and buyers can interact.

Introduction to Creating an Ontology

A walk through of features of Protege with an emphasis on creating your own ontology. Essentially combines elements of Introduction to Ontologies with Protege and Building an Ontology with Protege.

Adding Rules to Ontologies with Jena

In previous tutorials you have used ontologies to capture some aspects of ontologies that in traditional knowledge-based systems are often also specified through rules (such as the family relationships). In this part, you will use a separate reasoner,  Jena, to develop rules that do not fit well in the ontology itself. We'll use the store front ontology as a basis, and enhance it with rules to derive additional information about individuals and activities.

Adding Rules with JessTab

 JessTab is an extension for the 3.x versions of Protege. With it you can manipulate your ontology with Jess rules. Jess can be a convenient programmatic solution for modifying your ontology. This tutorial demonstrates setting up JessTab and creating rules for the family ontology.